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Goodbye dear old teddybear
Yesterday we took the very difficult decision to let go our teddybear Harvey.
Every dog we missed but Harvey ..... That is surely a very great loss. His looks, his, his bark, his beeing him, him beeing like wenn you pet a cat (crowling in to you), how he has worked for us.
He was done. Tired, but also suffered from his hindquarters and his breathing was now no longer top.
Don't wanted to get out of his kennel anymore. Not even to go with his girlfriend Image in the yard and sniff around.

So time go let him go......

Fortunately, we have super beautiful, cute and sweet offspring of him!
Goodbye dear bear.

Congratulations Goodwin
From our very first litter Goodwin today become 15!
Congratulations Goodwin! Thank you Sandra for your good care of these super dog.

Unfortunately, our own Gogo, Gingy and Gringo not derive that age.
How about the other brothers, Gordyi and Gringo-bell, we do not know. (if they have achieve this age or not).

R.I.P. Iggy
Today the totaly not so nice news, that while i (Claudia) was not at home, just before feeding the dogs, Iggy died.

Very beautiful picture's on his own page:

And a very nice little film of him on Facebook:
movie Iggy

R.I.P. Iggy!

A few days and then our team gets expansion for next winter.
All ready now we want to say: Welcome Nanoek!

Diary online again
Since yesterday, our diary is online again.
Here will come the news, in the diary we will tell the stories of our live for those who want to read our daily lives.

Pups, lovely woolly little darlings.
On the dogs page it was already there, only (ahem) I hadn't mentioned it on the news page: Bomber has given birth to seven different delicious cuties.

The combined Bomber x Siberian Adventure's Nitcha I had not mentioned because with the breeding from Bomber with Harvey last year she was empty. I would not be too happy, in case it went wrong again. But no: it went well this time!
June 8 they are born. 2 females and 5 males.
I had more names than puppies, so it was a question of finding who got what name (though some names where very easy given). How can you not call a white puppy Winter or White Fang :-)
I know it isn't our thing that names fit this easy... We normaly just give such a name to a black puppy. But now it was so nice that there where two whites and we had two of those "white" names ...

Meanwhile they eat since a few days puppy food with meat. (eat.... since today we call it gorge!).
They are also very energetic for what they themselves think that's fun. The normal things they find a little bit scary. So I'm wondering if they will be screaming cowards....

Meanwhile, they are also outside on the daytimes (still remain in the special puppy kennel).

Last-minute offer: 3 day's dogsledtour with 1 stay overnight in the forest
1 t/m 5 febr. 2013 Price now: 4.995,-- SEK p/p

Arrival 1 february 2013
2, 3 and 4 febr. we learn all about the husky, puting them into the team, the sledging and we make the first day a beautiful tour to learn and experience.

The second and third day we sledge a bigger distance and we sleep "outside".
We have a nice mountaincabin where we sleep over. The next day we make a super tour and on the end of the day we go back to the farm.

5th february the adventure is on his end and you will go home again.

This tour is incl. staying overnights and meals, transfer to and from the farm (from Strömsund, evt. Östersund)

There are only 2 place left!

We have waited to long... We wanted to keep yo with us. Just 2 day's ago you where so happy and your bark for food so loud.
But today.... you even could walk anymore with us. You where realy on your end!
Rest in peace dear roguish Gogo.
We will miss you!!!

Lovec have been choosen as husky of the year! Election of: Laplandreizen.be
Laplandreizen.be did a election: husky of the year 2012.

We choose 4 of our husky's for this election and send in them to participate.

Our Lovec get the most votes and may call himself now husky of the year 2012!!!
Picture's of the awards to Lovec will follow!

See the publication: facebook Laplandreizen

Also on our facebookpage we shared the link: facebook Siberian Adventure's Northern Sweden

Update picture
Placed some new picture's in: album V-litter

Also we added a new album: album grazy dogs

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