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The Kennel

In our kennel we have on this moment 59 Siberian Husky's, 1 Finnish Spetz, 1 mix Stövare/Jämthund/Gråhund, 1 mix Danish/Swedish Farmdog/Border Collie and 1 mix of everthing, we think our self; Russel/Pappillon/Gremlin and 4 cats who have Norwegain Forestcat on 1 site of the parents.

Every dog is an own individual and shall be treated like that. The welfare of our dogs is the most important thing and we shall never use them as an article of use!

beppieWe have all licences from the Swedisch government and Jämtlands county administration wich are necessary to drive activities with our dogs!

This means:
* kennels wich are confirming the rules for the amount of dogs that is in a kennel
* unsulated night-kennels wich have sizes mentioned in those rules
* two play yards; 1 from 3000 m2 and 1 from 2000 m2
* protection against the sun and rain
* accepted nursing- and feedingroom
* accepted hospital wards (inside kennel)
* good registration off the healthyness from our dogs how much and wich food, poss. diseases and wich treatment/medicine we give them for this
* trainings/work journal.

Offcourse we have a story about how we feld in the trap of the Siberian Husky. The link below takes you to the story about the beginning and our decission to move to Sweden!

Dexter  Mila   Bella